While my advocacy work in high school allowed me to share other’s stories, FIU and the Global Learning Program allowed me to strengthen my own voice and share my own story. Through this empowerment and voice, I now take into account mutiple perspectives and consequences for every word or action taken. I have learned how to “have heart.” Everyone fights their own battles and one’s compassion and sympathy can make a difference in creating change. I strive daily to spread positivity and be more open to all thoughts and perspectives; after all, the power of change comes from collective good will.

Globalization has allowed the world to become interconnected. While this seems easy to state, it is even more difficult to understand. At the beginning of my undergraduate career, I believed change had to be slow, and sometimes unreachable. Now, through my various experiences, I understand that change faces many barriers, but is not impossible. We have control over the change we want to bring. The interconnectedness of the world in not only in technology, but in conflict and cooperation. We are all global citizens striving for a better future. Due to this, one’s actions here can affect one’s perception and thoughts across the world. My participation in CSW 63 truly allowed me to understand how issues affect one another, the international community, and all human beings.

I am so proud of who I have become and the growth I keep embarking on. I will not stop my advocacy and philanthropy. In fact, I think I want to make it a greater priority. Achieving global goals begins with local action. Thus, I want to increase my platform and share my experiences through this portfolio, soon to be blog. I hope to inspire and empower others. I also want to shine light on the “no so pretty” emotionally and mentally draining aspects that come with social work and opportunities. Self-care and self-empowerment will also be another theme I want to take on. My journey has just begun and I cannot wait to see what adventure comes.