Little Lighthouse Foundation - Non-Profit Events and Social Media Marketing Intern

The Little Lighthouse Foundation (LLF) is a non-profit organization that strives to increase volunteerism and hosts a variety of programs to benefit the underserved children and families of South Florida.

In 2018, LLF impacted 8400 children through 21 programs and 21 partner facilities with the help of 2694 volunteers and a total of 7032 volunteer hours.

As a Non-Profit Events and Social Media Marketing Intern for LLF, I was able to take part of multiple fundraisers, programs, and event management roles. During programs, I was not only supposed to update our social media platforms and engage with the audience, but also interact and ensure the safety of the children. My event management role applied to Lucky Hours and the Hearts and Stars Gala Weekend. During this time, I was able to collaborate with the Keener Foundation and help LLF raise $110,000 ($50,000 was matched by the Keener Foundation Matching Fund // $60,000 was raised by LLF and its supporters) in 3 minutes. LLF allowed me to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities to ensure that our supporters and volunteers were able to create a lasting change impacting South Florida.


Pamela Silva Conde Scholarship - Social Media Marketing Internship

Pamela Silva Conde is a six-time Emmy award winning journalist and two-time FIU graduate (B.A. in Journalism // M.B.A.). In 2013, Pamela was recognized as one of the 25 most powerful Hispanic women by “People in Espanol.”

The Pamela Silva Conde Scholarship (PSCS) was established by Pamela Silva Conde to allow first-generation, low-income, FIU Honors college students studying business or communications to further their education.

As a first-generation Honors College student, I am able to promote healthy lifestyle and studying habits to other first-generation students. I am also able to guide scholarship applicants on the scholarship application process. PSCS has allowed me to motivate first-generation students to continue their education, reach for their goals, while also prioritizing their physical and mental health.


Education Office of the Consulate of Spain - Intern

The Education Office of the Consulate of Spain promotes and organizes programs for the instruction of Spanish language and culture outside of Spain. Educational exchange is encouraged by the Ministry of Education’s policy as seen by the Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain Program. Overall, the Education Office worked to facilitate the access to education abroad for Spanish citizens, as well as increase and strengthen the influence of Spanish language and culture abroad.

During my time as an intern at the Education Office, I was able take part in the Spanish Ministry of Education’s policy of influence of Spanish language and culture abroad. My day-to-day tasks included general office tasks, like taking phone calls and logging all incoming and outgoing mail, as well as helping walk-ins. Apart from general office duties, I was also ensuring that diplomatic mail, or valijas, were taken care of, in support of the Consulate of Spain. For a majority of my internship, I was also in charge of reviewing and approving applications for the North American Language and Culture Assistants Program for the 2018-2019 school year. My internship at the Education Office allowed me to understand the importance of diplomacy and international relations on a local and international level.


United Nations Foundation - Global Health Fellow

The United Nations Foundation (UNF) was founded by Ted Turner in 1998 due to his belief of the United Nations’ (UN) indispensable role in tackling humanity’s greatest challenges and leadership of global progress. The UNF works to help the UN mobilize ideas, people, and resources to deliver and grow a diverse and durable constituency for action. The UNF focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)through partnership and strategic collaboration.

My fellowship with the UNF allowed me to work towards SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being) by collecting over 30 petitions asking Congress to support the UNF. During my time as a fellow, I was also able to attend the Nothing But Nets Summit in Washington, D.C., lobby on Capitol Hill, and was named a Shot @ Life Champion, as well as a 2018 Nothing But Nets Champion Council Member. My internship with the UNF allowed me to advocate for those who are unable to raise their voice, while also supporting the UN’s SDGs.

Tuesday Times Roundtable

I had the pleasure of being a speaker during Spring 2018 at the Tuesday Time Roundtables. Being able to practice my public speaking on the Sustainable Development Goals, while also informing my peers was a wonderful experience. It was definitely eye-opening trying to help others find their passion, but also keep them engaged. Other Roundtables I attended were an amazing networking experience. Not only was I encouraged to branch out of my comfort zone, but some contacts I met through networking are really good friends. Tuesday Times Roundtables allowed me to practice my soft skills, which are necessary to become an effect leader!