Aileen Sainz


Global Learning Courses:
REL 2011- Introduction to Religion
IDH 3034 - Honors Seminar V: Aesthetics, Values, and Authority

Aileen Sainz is a Bolivian-American and first generation student. She was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area and now resides in Miami, Florida. Between her constant wanderlust and desire for knowledge, she has always taken an interest in the different cultures of the world.

Upon learning of International Relations, as a major, at FIU, she knew it was her designated program. Throughout her career at FIU, Aileen also added a minor in Political Science, certificates in National Security and European and Eurasian Studies, and a badge in Cybersecurity Fundamentals. Aileen also forms part of the Honors College and Global Learning program. This undergrad career has allowed her to gain the knowledge of how cultures connect and clash due to different perspectives and other socio-cultural factors.

Aileen’s curiosity to understand domestic and international politics led her apply her academics towards real-world opportunities to create change. Aileen strives to be a youth leader and global citizen creating change day by day. She uses her voice and platform to empower and encourage others to also make a difference.